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    Technology to drive an engaging relationship between

    representatives & voters for fine-tuned policy.

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    The Public-Democracy App & Platform. Engage those who matter...
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A Political Game Changer the context - smart technology for a democratic future


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Public-Democracy Platform : A Tool for Direct Democracy Utilizing INTERACTIVE VIDEO & GESTURES

Summary of Benefits and Uses of the Public-Democracy App

  • Clear, immediate and ‘un-spun’ communications – “Control The Message”
  • Cost effective two-way communication
  • High electoral recognition and visibility
  • Raise financial electoral contributions
  • Gain a higher level of constituent involvement
  • Create enhanced positive perception by constituents
  • Reduction of current media costs
  • Gauge mood or responses on issues of importance
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The Public-Democracy Interactive Video Polling Platform It's about engagement!

Our service about us


Social branding—goes beyond social, or even digital, media. At the core, it’s about achieving resonance between you and your constituents’ expectations and values—through communications, offerings, and behavior.

Your constituents have new expectations. They want to interact with your organization. They want to know (and feel) how your organization and its brand align with their personal brands and values.

Determine the core values of the people in each target group; what is it they wish most to achieve? What is relevant or urgent for them? These are the “ways in” for your organization.


Quantitative research will tell you what customers have done in the past. Qualitative conversations with important stakeholders are a great way to uncover the essence of why people are—or may come to be—engaged with you.

To have conversations that are meaningful, you need to know who your constituents really are. You need to learn what they care about, what moves them, what keeps them up at night, how they like to be communicated with, and what your value to them is—or could be.

Your constituents are all the people for whom your work is meaningful—the internal and external populations whose interest, participation, and advocacy are important to your stability, growth, and long-term success.


As your organization evolves, and engages in more areas of endeavour, the challenge is to start and nurture more relationships than ever before.

Like your organization, your constituents are not monolithic. They’re complicated and multi-faceted. And while articulating who you are and what you provide is very important, it’s only part of the equation.

The most fruitful conversations are based on shared values and expectations.


Organizations that are successful at maintaining varied relationships are skilled at understanding the individuality of their different constituents, and at determining the corresponding “ways in” that meet people where they’re coming from.

Who are the different groups you must successfully engage? What is it they care about? What do they stand for? What do they want to accomplish?

Strive to find the points of emotional connection. The answers you’ll hear will surely vary from person to person, buy you’ll likely find a handful of common threads to help you group constituents (and organize communications) by what they care about and value.

Public-Democracy Platform

Harness the power of a dedicated mobile software application that has been developed to engage constituents in a familiar social media environment and creates the opportunity for communication, engagement and dialogue that can be measured, to bring about responsive connection.














= Responsive Engagement

Responsive Engagement

The Public-Democracy Platform a revolution in political connectivity

 Bypass Communications "White Noise"

There is an ever present danger in communication for politicians and large organisations that the target audience just hears "white noise". Our new App & Platform creates a private, responsive communication channel and offers instant meaningful engagement with analytics for.

  • Fully responsive interaction using video & swipe gestures
  • Familiarity of responding in a social media-like environment
  • Fully customizable to your branding and needs from admin panel
Change the Political Game - close the communication gap
"You don't win elections by persuading your most devoted supporters to cast a vote for you with even more enthusiasm than they did at the last election…You win elections by persuading people who didn't vote for you at the last election to vote for you. Elections are always won at the centre'.

Beyond this question, we might also ask what a focus on style at the expense of substance, on personality instead of ideology, says about the current state of play in politics. The world is ready for change. Hung parliaments, minority governments, hostile senates run by extreme minorities are all signs that the voter feels disenfranchised - that politicians aren't listening. Harness technology to make sense of the background "wallah" - get your message through to those who count.
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Public-Democracy - responsive mobile App to create voter engagement and build connectivity.


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Harnessing technology for responsive interactions with target demographics..

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