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About Public-Democracy

A Political App That is a Game Changer for Direct Democracy

The innovative Public-Democracy App utilzes interactive video and swipe gestures for instant low cost polls and elections, with real-time analytics, and is designed to allow a fast, non-intrusive tool for voters to communicate their attitudes to important issues directly to their representatives (both in government and membership organisations).

The ultimate aim of Public-Democracy is to overcome the practical roadblocks to Direct Democracy (where every voter has the right and power to vote on specific legislaton, candidates or decisions). In a mass society it is a impossible to cast votes on every issue in the tradtional way - technology must be involved, and increasingly it is possible to visualise a more agile and fair Democracy - using smart devices that we all carry - to participate.

The Public-Democracy App's biggest innovation is  a revolutionary ability to interact directly with videos. Complex issues are best conveyed  by video rather than large blocks of text for easy and more democratic voter engagement (and helping overcoming some language difficulties).

Swipe gestures make it fast and easy to casti your vote making so there is minimum use of your time encouraging participation in a busy 21st century world.  A contimuous "worm graph" ican be generated as you indicate your emotional responses to a video - by sliding up or down at the point of contact on the device screen - allows you to record continous nuanced responses in reaction to videos. This is great for political parties to test out ads and messages in pre-release form to be certain that their message is resonating and communicating with their constituents. (This is also a great tool for movie producers to test movie trailers).

The Public-Democracy App is poised to revolutionise the relationship between voters and representatives or candidates and is the dawning of a new age of Direct Democracy.


A Little History...

Co-founder of Public-Democracy Eric Gyors had a dream, arising from spending some 20 years in the political arena as a state & federal Campaign Director. In the rough and tumble of his working life Eric had experienced that there was a large and frustrating disconnect between the general public and their elected representatives that he was trying to manage and promote. Sure enough the people would vote for 'someone', but more often than not this 'someone' was a person that they had not only never met, but in many instances had never even heard of! Basically people were being asked to entrust their future well-being and that of their country to a total stranger.

If they tried to contact this person, or their elected representatives, they would be fobbed off with a form letter that more often than not didn't address the question they may have wanted an answer to.... this was not a perfect democracy by any means...


The story behind Public-Democracy…..

Back in 2007 Eric Gyors & Gary Davis found they agreed strongly about this fundamental functional flaw in the way democracies were performoing.  Why it was that governments of all persuasions seemed to be profoundly disliked by many of the people who had voted for them. They quickly came to the conclusion that there was a serious problem, not necessarily in what governments did but in how they did it … and in particular in how poorly actions and decisions taken by governments were communicated back to the voters.

Ideally communication should occur prior to any major decisions, allowing for electorate feedback and the adjustment of policies and decisions to more accurately reflect the needs of constituents. More importantly, any decisions which were likely to be unpopular could be properly explained and the resultant public backlash minimized, because most people would be prepared to put up with unpopular decisions if they had some prior explanation presented in an easy to understand and compelling form.

It was clear that there was a singularly large disconnect between the general public and their elected representatives. People would vote for 'someone', but more often than not this 'someone' was a person that they had never met and in many instances had never even heard of. Basically people were asked to entrust their well-being and that of their family to a total stranger.
Usually it would be very difficult to speak directly to elected representatives, and people would be fobbed off with form letters, which often didn't address their specific question.

Hardly the basis for a trusted relationship.

On the other side of the fence, politicians have always had enormous difficulty in getting their message out to their constituents. This was largely because the mainstream media, on which they heavily rely, would either not be interested in running their media releases or their story. Or worse, they would sensationalise the story with their own particular brand of 'spin', in order to sell more copies of their publication.
All in all a pretty unsatisfactory arrangement.

So what’s the solution …..?

"What if elected representatives or potential candidates could communicate directly to voters, by-passing the middle man (the media). And then what if the public could communicate back directly and make their feelings known about what was being proposed. And what if the candidate or politician could then immediately see what the response was and react and/or respond back again to the members of the public ?"

In essence, two-way communication, un-tampered, un-spun, in a real-time live environment.

Using an 'App' which is downloadable to any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android or computer), people can now hear and view directly from their elected representatives and candidates. They can get the story first hand, 'un-spun' by any third party, and decide for themselves what they think of what is being proposed. Once they’ve viewed the proposal, policy or message, they can respond - in real time, and let the other side know exactly how they feel about what is being said or proposed... without fear or favour ... without interference from any 'minders' or media outlets.

As well as being able to have unfettered communication, the public can also see how everybody else who responds feels about the issues.

(“Does everybody else agree with me or am I out there on my own….. where do I fit in?”)

This is Democracy, with a capital 'D'…… (for Direct)

For the first time ever in modern times (well perhaps outside of the ancient Greeks who invented Democracy) people can get engaged in the major processes that will affect their lives, their future and that of their children and their children's children.
An unheard of and impossible to achieve concept (up to now), thanks to technology and innovative thinking, has become a reality.

Depending on which mobile device you’re using you can now download the ‘Public-Democracy App’ from either the Apple App-Store or the Google App-Store.

Your future is in your hands...
it's now up to you…..

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The Public Group is an organisation supporting elected representatives in their mission to be responsive to and informed about the opinions, needs and wishes of their constituents. The Public Group have developed and support the online platform Public-Democracy - cutting edge communication technology which can turn your database into a powerful tool for connecting with, engaging with and measuring your demographics and allow you to monetize your membership or fanbase.. The Public Group have acquired one of the largest databases (114 million verified users)  in the USA enabling access to over half the voting age population. Apart from it's primary focus of using digital connectivity technology to enhance the democratic process, the Public Group has identitifed a range of other channels in which their innovative product and Big Data asset can be utilized including sporting groups, unions and other large membership based organisations.


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