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Our team are well versed in the political world and can appreciate your interest in wishing to consider licensing our software and providing further information.
We are in the global sphere with this extraordinary product, and have had a great response from around the world. We would be happy to discuss your opportunity in licensing our software and apps and have your members, constituents or voters enjoying the instant extensive engagement with your Political party of your choice or just wishing to know about it even if you do not belong to any party or organisation. The product works well with all three levels of government being, local, state, and national representation.
We have many countries including those from Europe, United Kindom and the United States of America leading the way in with their enquiries and we would be delighted to assist you with your interest.
For more information please use the form which can be found on the Contact page.


eric gyorsEric Gyors ~ Founder, Co-Chairman.
In Public Democracy Eric draws on more than 20 years experience in the political arena, where he successfully served as a state and federal campaign director across a number of major elections for a large political party. His extensive knowledge of communications and campaigning, particularly in politics, is of paramount importance in helping to formulate the engagement policies that Public Democracy is built on. 

Before Public Democracy, Eric was one of the two original founders of Political Media (Australia) Limited, which has since been rebadged as iPowow! Limited and successfully and uniquely transformed the way that people interact with their favourite sports, entertainment and TV shows on a global scale. 

He also has a strong background in I.T. having successfully pioneered a number of start-ups. For the past 10 years he has been an active member of the media and can be heard weekly via radio and the internet, across Australia and beyond, through his program which is centred around political debate.

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Gary Davis3Gary Davis ~ Founder, Co-Chairman.

Gary has over 30 years experience focussing on the commercialisation of early stage companies throughout Australia, the US, the UK and the Asia Pacific region.

He has participated extensively in investment review committees for groups such as Souls Private Equity Limited, Kamisha Film Limited and Capital Finance Corporation Limited.

Gary has extensive experience in driving early stage companies to profitable exits for investors, having established extensive support relationships in the USA with VCs, Broker Dealers, Investment Bankers, Corporate Advisory and Legal organizations.


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Public Democracy

Website: publicgroup.com.au

The Public Group is an organisation supporting elected representatives in their mission to be responsive to and informed about the opinions, needs and wishes of their constituents. The Public Group have developed and support the online platform Public-Democracy - cutting edge communication technology which can turn your database into a powerful tool for connecting with, engaging with and measuring your demographics and allow you to monetize your membership or fanbase.. The Public Group have acquired one of the largest databases (114 million verified users)  in the USA enabling access to over half the voting age population. Apart from it's primary focus of using digital connectivity technology to enhance the democratic process, the Public Group has identitifed a range of other channels in which their innovative product and Big Data asset can be utilized including sporting groups, unions and other large membership based organisations.


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Harnessing technology for responsive interactions with target demographics..

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