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YourSay App

Council-Ratepayer Communication App

A Smart Tool For Local Councils.

YourSay Ratepayer-Council Communication AppPublic-Democracy’s “YourSay” App moves local Councils into a new era of community consultation by accessing a tool nearly all Ratepayers carry.- a mobile phone.

• The App opens a new channel for reminder notices, event announcements and safety warnings. Council has the opportunity to use this video format for delivering peronalised messages to Ratepayers - pieces to camera by the Mayor or Councillors or a Committee spokesperson. This creates the opportunity for raising the recognition factor and build a sense of community.

• Video Templates can be built to speed up the content creation process that reduces lead time and creates a familiar and professionalised delivery format .

The App is designed for enabling immediate feedback with minimum intrusion into people’s lives because we have developed the technology to directly embed interactive questions into the video, allowing the user to respond while watching the video, without having to change screens.

These responses are transmitted in real time to the database creating an instant and accurate record of community reaction to proposals or policy ideas.




The Innovation that sets our App apart:

The multimedia environment of the smartphone has become a familiar environment through the massive uptake and popularity of social media. By receiving an overview of a possibly complex community issue as a video, Ratepayers are able to become educated and aware of the opposing arguments in a form that is engaging and easy to grasp. Dense text documents reduce participation and disadvantage those with low literacy.

People are often too busy to take the time to visit Council websites.

Email campaigns have also proven to elicit low response rates.

The "YourSay" App broadcasts Explainer Videos that are delivered direct;ly “into your pocket or handbag”  that tell a story with a vibrant combination of action footage, interviews, voiceovers, sound & music, images and animated text. An issue can be summarised with both pro and con arguments ensapsulated in an entertaininga and easy to digest form.

Response questions are embedded in the video for instant spontaneous and informed feedback from the people you are elected by. You have accurate statistical records.

Your voters are better informed and more likely to respond and engage.

The cost basis is highly fvourable and the ease of use and low intrusion further encourage and facilitate participation.


PDF download   Click to Download the "YourSay" Ratepayer-Council Communication App Proposal as a printable PDF.

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Public Democracy

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The Public Group is an organisation supporting elected representatives in their mission to be responsive to and informed about the opinions, needs and wishes of their constituents. The Public Group have developed and support the online platform Public-Democracy - cutting edge communication technology which can turn your database into a powerful tool for connecting with, engaging with and measuring your demographics and allow you to monetize your membership or fanbase.. The Public Group have acquired one of the largest databases (114 million verified users)  in the USA enabling access to over half the voting age population. Apart from it's primary focus of using digital connectivity technology to enhance the democratic process, the Public Group has identitifed a range of other channels in which their innovative product and Big Data asset can be utilized including sporting groups, unions and other large membership based organisations.

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